For months I have been stalking this place, peeping through the window of its Duke Street location during my frequent summer visits to Chester. Finally, on August 23rd, Il Ferramenta went from construction site to full-blown pizzeria, serving what (I think) is the first Roman-style pizza in Nova Scotia. Whether true or not, I’m not fully certain, but I can say that when it comes to taste, the folks at Il Ferramenta have things locked in.

For those unfamiliar with Roman-style pizza—or pizza al taglio—it comes in a long rectangular shape (as seen below) and is served by the slice (take-out).  Anthony Bourdain fans will remember seeing Roman-style pizza in S1, E3 of The Layover. Taste and texture-wise, it’s not unlike Sicilian pizza. The dough is a little thicker and I believe more oil is used in its preparation, but it’s the same ballpark. If you like Italian pizza, you will love this.

Since Il Ferramenta’s opening, I’ve indulged twice and had the chance to try a few different varieties. So far I’ve enjoyed them all, but there’s one combo that stands above the others and for me, that’s the Calabrese with Ricotta and Parsley. Wow! I’m actually thinking about making the drive to Chester for a slice as I type. Close to perfect, especially with something acidic to accompany it, like a can of Coke Classic. But I’m keen to try their Ham & Pineapple with Jalapeno too—maybe I’ll get two slices! Oh boy, I really can’t stop thinking about this ‘za.

Anyways, if you are heading south along the shore anytime soon, Il Ferramenta is worth a look. It’s a take-out joint, but there’s lots of seating should you wish to dine in.