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Pizza: Perfect for every occasion

Pizza: Perfect for every occasion

You’ve always been there for me.

When I was younger, and barely making ends, you greeted me with a radiant warm smile (courtesy of the heat lamps placed above you) and filled my empty stomach and an equally empty heart. Back then, you were called a-dollar-a-slice. I’m eternally grateful for your generosity.

Fast-forward 15 years, I was at a cozy pizzeria while vacationing in the Rockies with my family. I found you on the menu printed on an unbleached sheet of paper and called your name softly but loudly enough for our server to hear me. Pear and blue cheese was your name.

Over the years, I developed gluten sensitivity but I haven’t stopped loving you. When I’m sad, I seek comfort in pepperoni pizza on a cauliflower crust. When I feel like celebrating, I treat myself to a Margherita with non-wheat flour crust and a glass of margarita. (See what I did there? Har, har.)

I’ll never quit you.

Here are the places to find high-quality pizzas for any and every occasion called for.


There are two ways to enjoy this Quinpool area treasure: grab a quick slice or a soft-serve gelato from the slice shop, or relax in the elegant restaurant, perfect for a special date. A sister to the flagship Morris St. pizzeria, this location has a wide range of appetizers, salads, pastas and wood-fired pizzas.

Dining tips: Always get dessert at Morris East. Always.


Piatto is the place in Halifax for authentic Napoli-style pizza, certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The sophisticated thin-crust style will allow you to leave room for dessert: chocolate or Dulce de Leche tarts, Tiramasù, or gelato. Piatto is family-friendly; kids just love watching that dough spin!

Dining tips: Check out their $14 soup or salad and 9″ pie special.


Repping Italian-American comfort food—hard—Rinaldo’s is a wonderful complement to the multitude of Italian-inspired concepts in Halifax. With next-level pizza crust, huge portions of house-made pastas, mouth-watering meatball heroes, Insta-famous mozzarella sticks, and Boston Cream Donuts, believe us, you will be back.

Dining tips: Don’t forget to order some Mozza Sticks.


A Friday night favourite in the historic Hydrostone district, Salvatore’s has New York-style pizzas, hero sandwiches, cannoli, cheesecake, and drinks. The menu sticks to gourmet classics, such as the Rodger or the Bianco in Stephano, recipes that were created when Sal’s first began.

Dining tips: Get the Bianco in Stephano pizza.


Owner Matt MacIsaac spent four years travelling across North America in search of the perfect pizza, before discovering that perfection is pizza the way YOU want it. The result—a light-crust pizza with customized toppings, cooked in the largest Woodstone oven east of Montreal. Vero is perfect for families.

Dining tips: Don’t forget Vero on your next big shopping trip to Dartmouth Crossing!


By keeping it simple and making the pizza the star, Yeah Yeahs has quickly proven to be a brightly shining gem in downtown Dartmouth. All pizza is available by the slice or can be ordered as an 18” pie. Garlic fingers and two salad options round out the small, focused offering.

Dining tips: The pepperoni with a can of Coke is the classic combo.

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