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Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got a cure for that!

Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got a cure for that!

Do you ever get a craving for something sweet but can’t remember off top of your head who serves the best cheesecake, chocolatine or beer sorbet?

We’ve got a list for you. Enjoy and you’re welcome!


Bid farewell to humdrum summer tastes; after a Dee Dee’s experience, you will never go back to plain popsicle life. Ice cream with flavours like Mexican chocolate and banana cardamom are served year-round at this award-winning café, along with soups, burritos and grilled cheese sandwiches, made from local ingredients.


“Give us more doughnuts!” cried Halifax, and Fortune complied, with an edgy fortune-teller themed storefront in the now-popular Velo building on Gottingen Street. Word on the street is that these are some of the best artisan doughnuts in town.


They’re always dreaming up new ideas at Portland Street Crêperie, from new crêpe and ice cream creations to clever (usually music or food-related) slogans on the board outside. This summer, look for bubble waffle cones, ice cream floats and cold brew, in addition to great coffee and delicious crêpes.


Rousseau has evolved into a chocolate boutique and café with stellar espresso drinks and house-made soft serve. Stroll through the shop and pick out a few hand-crafted chocolates or macarons from behind the glass, or simply grab retail items like chocolate bark and bars. The hot chocolate is a must!


The décor is so sumptuous in this intimate dessert bar that you almost expect a lineup of burlesque dancers to leg-kick their way out of the kitchen. Luckily, it’s not dancers, but cheesecakes on parade—100 rich delicious, flavours on rotation. Stay for a slice or take home a whole, luscious cake.

Check out for more sweet options.

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