The Halifax Marriott Harbourfront’s outdoor oasis

When it comes to hosting events, like the re-opening of their patio space, the folks at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront seem to know only one approach – all or nothing. So, in late June the invites went out to the foodie community, and we found ourselves at yet another exceptional event at the hotel.

Last year’s patio launch was all about the new space, which runs almost half the length of the hotel, on its south side, right across from Lower Deck. It’s a fabulous space, to be sure, with lots of luxuriously comfortable seating. It’s a bit of a gem actually.

This year’s event was to celebrate the new outdoor kitchen and the many options the new set-up affords. Would-be diners have a choice of four solid pizza options – Prosciutto, Pepperoni (of course), Margherita and The Vegan – straight from the outdoor pizza oven. From there you can explore classics like Stone Fried Nachos, Char-fried Chicken Wings, Stone’s Throw Burger, Hills Jerk Chicken Sandwich, or Cast Iron Farde Salmon. Their salad offerings are worth a look too — Arugula Peach, Caprese Stack, and Butterleaf all light and tasty treats. Then there’s the finger food. Mouthwatering Korean Sticky Pork Ribs, The Giant Pretzel (a must), Mexican Street Corn Spears, Ember Roasted Brothers Pepperoni, and Spiced Pita Crisps. Yum.

And the dessert! A the Marriott our golden rule is ‘never skip dessert.’ Options on the patio include Grilled Pineapple Skewers, Mason Jar S’more (our favourite), and Rhubarb Berry Semifreddo. It’s tough to go wrong whatever choice you make.

As for the drinks, there’s a whole page of offerings to explore – many featuring great local options – which is really nice to see on our waterfront.

Overall, Stone’s Throw is a great space for a nice lunch or an after-work sojourn. And it comes with a view of the harbour, and a cool ocean breeze. There are lots of umbrellas too, so if seeking shade, they’ve got you covered.