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FIRST LOOK: Benjamin Bridge Winery

FIRST LOOK: Benjamin Bridge Winery

In years past, if you wanted to visit Benjamin Bridge Winery, you needed to make an appointment or arrive on a wine tour. That’s not to say they would turn you away should you arrive unexpectedly, but they were unequipped for drop-in service. Fast forward to 2020, and all that has changed.

Today, guests are encouraged to arrive as they please, and when they do, there’s more on offer. At the forefront of the new experience is their new patio space. It’s large and stylish, so in line with expectations of Benjamin Bridge. The updated outdoor space includes a bar, lots of tables and chairs, and plenty of umbrellas. There is also a selection of picnic tables near the patio, even a few amongst the grapes.

The guest experience, at this stage, is both elevated and relaxing. The Magic Winery Bus doesn’t stop here, and the vineyard is just out of the way enough to keep crowds to a minimum, making it a sanctuary of sorts. One where friends can meet to enjoy a glass or a flight, drinking in the gorgeous landscape.

For the time being, the food and drink program is almost exclusively glasses or flights of Benjamin Bridge wine, collaboration beer, and non-alcoholic fare, though, at the time of writing, they are days away from launching a small bites program. Blessed with a well-appointed commercial kitchen, you can expect the food program to evolve, without becoming a full-on restaurant experience like Le Caveau or Luckett Vineyards. You can bet on some pop-up events, though. After all, this is Benjamin Bridge. Along with the new patio, they’ve added retail space. Here, you can stock up bottles and cans to take home and there’s a selection of swag for those looking to represent.

Overall, this reno is a big win in a down year. The ‘new’ Benjamin Bridge adds another layer to the already stacked deck of the Nova Scotia wine scene. And we can’t wait to see what comes next!

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